As Clinical Psychologists we are accustomed to understanding individual circumstances and formulating a written report to answer specific psychological questions. We provide psychological assessments for people in a variety of situations including:

These reports include:

  • Comprehensive background information to identify factors relevant to the situation.
  • Psychometric testing – personality (MMPI), anger, trauma, and mental health as appropriate.
  • Clear, scientifically-based conclusions and practical recommendations

Medico-legal appointments will be offered within one to two weeks of receiving a request. It is important that all information about the required assessment be provided before the initial meeting (such as court documents and any previous assessments).  A two hour interview is the first step in the assessment process and sometimes a follow up session on a different day is required. Psychometric scales (also known as psychological questionnaires) may be required. Should no further consultation be necessary, our report will be issued within 15 working days from the final assessment date.

As each report is different the fee will be determined on a case by case basis. For a standard short report the fee could be as low as $800. Longer reports attract additional fees in line with the Australian Psychological Society’s recommended fees.