Online Appointments

Please see the table below for how to connect with us via Zoom, and for information about the availability of face-to-face appointments.

When connecting via Zoom click the appropriate link below and you will be put in the waiting room for the meeting. The psychologist will then let you into the meeting. Alternately you can enter the Meeting ID into Zoom.

If your appointment falls on a day where the psychologist is providing the option of face-to-face appointments you can opt to come into the office and follow our COVID safe plan, including wearing a mask.

Please call 9039 2177 if you have any difficulties or with any questions you might have.

Zoom Link and meeting IDAvailability of face-to-face appointments.
Dr Ben
MeetingID 5778385487
Everyday available for face-to-face appointments.
Dr Zac Elizabeth
MeetingID 3777753362
Everyday available for face-to-face appointments.
MeetingID 3333815357
Passcode: 105998
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday available for face-to-face appointments.
Other days are online appointments
MeetingID 9441093683
Passcode: 6XcB25
Wednesdays & Thursday available for face-to-face appointments.
MeetingID 4551501620
Passcode: 9kSr8v
Tuesday available for face-to-face appointments
Other days are online appointments
MeetingID 3816043467
Passcode: 111328
Friday available for face-to-face appointments.
Dr Robyn
MeetingID 5981503923
Passcode: 043805
Friday available for face-to-face appointments
Meeting ID 3975531726
Passcode: 42K0fK
Everyday available for face-to-face appointments.

Guidelines for connecting with us.

Please login to the online service a few minutes before the appointment time.

Standard fees apply for video appointments. To access telehealth consultations you will need access to a quiet, private space (sometimes in a car can be a good option if no where at home will do). Zoom will work on most devices. i.e. smartphone, laptop, iPad, computer with a camera, and a reliable broadband or 4G connection. Please be aware of your data limits, as video consultations take about 700mb per hour (0.7GB).