A standard 50 minute consultation will usually have an out of pocket expense of about $128 with a Clinical Psychologist, provided you have a GP referral. However, you can discuss the fees and rebates with us when you make your appointment.

You do not need to have a referral in order to make an appointment or if you are paying privately or claiming via your private health extras fund.


In order to receive a rebate for the majority of your session fees through Medicare, you must have a valid referral (called a Mental Health Care Plan) from a GP, psychiatrist or a paediatrician. When you visit your doctor you will need to have our name, address, and fax number on hand so your doctor can make out the referral.

Under the Medicare Better Access program, Medicare card holders with a Mental Health Care Plan are entitled to a rebate of part of the fee for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. The medicare rebate is $137.05 for a Clinical Psychologist (typical gap = $127.95). For a Psychologist the medicare rebate is $93.35 (typical gap = $146.65).

Medicare rebate psychologist

Fee information

  1. Fees vary from between $240 and $265 per session.
  2. Appointments 4pm and after attract a $20 premium, as do Saturday appointments.
  3. Session costs can also be offset against Private Health Extras Cover and rebates vary according to your level of cover.
  4. Some of our psychologists accept funding through DVA, TAC, Workcover and NDIS (see below for more information)

Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel a session without occurring any fees. This policy is in place to allow us to offer the allocated time to another client who may be on a cancellation or waiting list for an appointment. In the event that less that 48 hours notice is given to cancel an appointment or a scheduled appointment is not attended, the consultation fee may be charged unless there are extenuating circumstances. Medicare does not cover cancelled appointments.

A late cancelled appointment is a loss to three people:

  • The client who is delaying their therapy progress
  • Another client who has been sitting on the waiting list to see the psychologist urgently
  • The psychologist who spent the morning preparing for the session

Health insurance psychologist

Private Health Insurance (extras)

We offer psychological services that can be partially covered by your private health insurance, depending on your policy. Rebates vary according to your level of cover. We work with all major private health funds and can process rebates in the clinic straight after your appointment.


We are proud to offer NDIS-supported psychological services, catering to those with disabilities that impact their emotional and mental well-being. We believe that quality psychological care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. If you are covered by NDIS there is generally no out of pocket cost. For more information about NDIS support for psychological services, see here. 


We understand that workplace incidents can have a profound impact on your mental well-being, which is why we are pleased to offer psychology services that are available through Victoria’s WorkCover scheme. If you’ve experienced a work-related injury or stress that has led to psychological issues, you may be eligible for fully funded or partially funded therapy sessions under WorkCover. This initiative aims to facilitate timely intervention and support, assisting you in your recovery and return to work. We sometimes can handle the billing directly with WorkCover, meaning you can focus on your healing journey. To find out more about eligibility and how to initiate this process, please reach out to WorkCover and then get in contact with us.

TAC (Transport Accident Commission)

We recognise that road accidents can have long-lasting emotional and psychological consequences. To assist in your recovery, we offer psychological services that are supported by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). If you’ve been involved in a transport accident and are experiencing mental health difficulties as a result, you may be eligible for TAC-funded therapy sessions. Our aim is to provide the best possible mental health care, helping you navigate the emotional complexities that often follow a traumatic event on the road. Billing can sometimes be taken care of directly through TAC, so you can focus on your therapeutic journey.

DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs)

At Foundation Psychology, we are honoured to provide psychological services that are supported by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). If you are a veteran facing mental health challenges, you may be eligible for our DVA-funded therapy sessions, and in many circumstances this may allow you to receive quality care at no out-of-pocket cost as we bill DVA directly. For more information about DVA supported psychological services, see here.