NDIS Psychologist – MELBOURNE’s east – Balwyn

Foundation Psychology is a Melbourne disability service provider for people who are accessing individualised therapy supports through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). We believe that counselling and psychological support for a person living with a disability is a very important component for greater well being.

We provide services for Self-Managed and Plan-Managed NDIS funding. At this time we do not provide services for NDIS-Managed funding.

Many of our psychologists are NDIS providers within, with a wealth of experience in disability services. Please call us to book an appointment.

Common NDIS funding items include:

  • Individual counselling – Facilitating self-knowledge, growth and personal goals (NDIS item 15_043_0128_1_3)
  • Individual Assessment, Therapy And/Or Training (NDIS item 15_048_0128_1_3)
  • In some specific circumstances we may provide item “Behaviour management plan, training in behaviour management strategies (NDIS item 11_023_0110_7_3)”. Please discuss your circumstances before the appointment to confirm that we can assist.

Our NDIS psychologists can help you to

  • identify and work towards new goals
  • find relief from negative feelings
  • feel more independent
  • reduce the impact of anxiety and depression in your life
  • find new tools and techniques for coping with challenges
  • manage mental health problems by creating a plan, offering support and treatment with a skilled psychologist
  • improve your social skills to develop and enhance your relationships

About the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a way of providing support for Australians with disability, their families and carers. The NDIS replaces the old system of block funding with individualised funding. The NDIS is now active across Melbourne.

What does individualised funding mean?

Previously, organisations providing supports would receive funding and the individual would have to go where the funding was, whether or not it really suited them. With the new NDIS model, people are now receiving individualised funding which allows them to chose which organisation they would like to have support them to achieve their goals.

Why access counselling and psychology through the NDIS?

Accessing counselling and psychology through the NDIS will ensure that you receive the support that is best tailored for your needs whilst the quality of the service isn’t compromised.  As you receive individualised funding through the NDIS according to your assessed needs, the financial side of things will be taken care of through the scheme and you can fully concentrate on working towards your goals.

Foundation Psychology’s mission is to provide services for people in Melbourne, informed by the following values:

Respect – We embrace the individual’s right to be empowered to live the life they choose

Collaboration – We create strong partnerships through open communication, mutual respect and trust

Innovation – We commit to continuous improvement and are responsive to individuals through creative solutions

What can you expect from your Foundation Psychology NDIS psychologist?

Your NDIS psychologist will focus on your individual journey and goals. They will recognise that it is you who is taking centre stage and will follow your lead.

When working with a psychologist at Foundation Psychology we usually start by exploring what it is that you would like to achieve. Together we can create a plan that contains your goals and this will be the basis of our work together. These goals are a great way to measure progress but can always be adjusted along the way to suit your needs and circumstances should they change during our time together.

Call us on 03 9039 2177 to book an appointment or learn more.