Psychologists for Adolescents

We provide assessment and treatment for children and young people, and their families and carers. We work to help promote psychological adjustment of children and their families.

The issues we provide assistance with include:

  • Behavioural problems Refusal to attend school, poor self-control, drug and alcohol abuse, behaviour which is dangerous to themselves or others, lying, stealing and aggressive behaviour.
  • Emotional problems Trauma reactions, stress, anxiety, depression, tantrums, suicidal thoughts, extreme anger outbursts.
  • Relationship problems Social withdrawal, family conflict, poor peer relationships (including bullying)
  • Developmental problems Social skills, learning, attention, concentration and play difficulties.
  • Health and wellbeing problems Disturbed eating or sleeping patterns, poor self-care, self-injury, physical symptoms indicating emotional distress.
  • Other psychological problems Hallucinations (voices and visions that no-one else can experience), delusions (false beliefs), seeming to be out of touch with reality, paranoia (overly suspicious), habitual and obsessive behaviour.

Our psychologists have a professional interest in young people, and use a variety of techniques according to a young person’s needs, including cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, play therapy, family and parenting work, group work, work with parent/s and child together, and individual psychotherapy.

Our work with a client can be short-term (six sessions) or long-term, depending upon the goals identified.

If necessary, we work in collaboration with all of the systems relevant to a young person (including their immediate environment, their family, school, work place or other agencies involved).